Home insulation FAQ’s

Do I need a survey?

Yes. All cavity wall, loft, roof and solid wall insulation measures require a survey. There is no charge for the survey.

I live in a flat, am I still eligible?

Depending on the circumstances you should be eligible for insulation although you may need to get agreement by all of the adjoining properties especially for cavity wall insulation as the cavity is often shared with neighbouring flats.

I rent my home, can I get a grant?

Usually yes. Most tenants are able to receive insulation grants so long as they have the landlord’s permission. Tenants of housing association and council properties are not usually able to apply for the grants as these are covered by other schemes.

Are the grants available in Northern Ireland?

No. The insulation grants are only available in England, Scotland and Wales. Similar schemes are offered in Northern Ireland by the Northern Ireland Sustainable Energy Programme.

Why do the energy companies provide this?

The big 6 energy companies are obliged by the Government to make UK homes more efficient by offering grants and incentives to households. If they fail to meet these targets they receive hefty fines.

Do I need to contact my current utility provider?

No. Different energy companies offer different schemes to different locations and to complicate things further they change as targets are assessed. There is no incentive for energy suppliers to help their existing customers, they are just required to offer funding.

Are there any extra costs?

There may be depending on the property. Items such as scaffolding and treatment of damp are not usually covered by the grants unless in extreme cases.

How long does it take?

The initial enquiry usually takes up to a week for a surveyor to contact you and make an appointment. From there the whole process usually takes about two weeks for the measures to be installed.