Home Insulation Grants

There are many types of insulation grants available for most of the UK that fall under various schemes like the national “Affordable Warmth scheme” , the “Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) scheme” along with various local incentive schemes. 

Home Insulation and Heat Loss

The qualification process changes regularly and if you have been unsuccessful before we recommend that you try again every six months or so as the criteria alters. The easiest way to see if you or your household qualifies for any of these grants is to complete the form and your local assessor will advise what grants are available.

Before applying It is useful to ascertain which measure is most suitable for your property, chiefly whether your walls have a cavity or not as the grant procedure differs for each type of insulation. If you are unsure please see below for tips on how to tell how your walls are likely to be constructed.

Wall types

Cavity and Solid Wall Types

If you’re unsure whether your walls have a cavity in them you can usually check by either looking at the pattern of bricks or by measuring the thickness of the walls next to a door or window:

If the thickness of the wall is 260mm or greater, the wall probably has a cavity.

If the brickwork is exposed, look at the brick pattern. If the bricks are all oblong, laid end-to-end then the wall is likely to have a cavity. If some of the bricks are laid with the square end facing, the wall is likely to be solid.

If the wall is stone, it is likely to be solid.

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