Where does the money for the grants come from?

All energy suppliers have schemes providing grants for home insulation – available to all home owners or private tenants, irrespective of status.

Grant provision can depend on the type of property you own and the fuel you use for heating but to confuse matters, the picture is constantly changing.

If it seems complicated, it is – but leave it to our surveyors to find the best solution for you. Our teams of installers and surveyors, located throughout the whole of the UK, have access to the many schemes currently running, one of which should be in operation in your area.

To make life as simple as possible for you, our surveyors will complete all paperwork and claim the grant on your behalf. You only pay your own contribution, if any is payable.

Please be assured, these are genuine grants and not simply a so called “half-price” marketing ploy and you do NOT need to pay a grant back at some later stage.

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