Cold Calls

Are you being bothered by ‘cold calls’ from ‘Government Grants’?

Please rest assured, we do NOT make ‘cold calls’ offering any of the services to be found on this website. is a privately owned and run website. We do not have any affiliation with any government agency. attracts traffic from those members of the public seeking information about grants and other funding initiatives and thereafter generates enquiries. These enquiries are then distributed to reputable, accredited companies. The dual effect of this is to help home-owners etc to be put in touch with reputable, accredited companies and for reputable, accredited companies to be provided with genuine enquiries.

We have been interviewed by Trading Standards, who are completely happy with our operation and methods.

Other organisations calling themselves ‘Government Grants’ when making cold calls are nothing to do with our organisation, which is based entirely ‘online’.

What you can do?

If you are being bothered by cold callers, try to ascertain their company name for future reference and ask them to cease calling. They are then legally obliged to do so.

If, after you ask the company to stop, you continue receiving calls from them, or in the case that it is not possible to contact them to ask them to stop, you can complain directly to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) which is the government body responsible for enforcing the regulations. Contact details for the ICO are below.

Telephone Preference Service

You can also opt out of cold calling by registering – free – with the Telephone Preference Service.

Please note: Do not pay money to any organisation offering this service, it is free and paid for by the direct marketing industry. There are also a number of ‘scams’ which you should be aware of. Updated news can be found on the link above.

Calls from surveyors allocated by Government Grants

You will of course, be contacted by telephone AFTER you have made an enquiry here, by a reputable installation company’s surveyor who has been allocated to your area and who may mention this website. If you do NOT provide a valid telephone number however, you will not be contacted at all, for reasons of efficiency.

The surveyors and installers allocated by are all owners or directors of, or employed by, accredited insulation or renewable energy companies.

ICO contact details

To make a complaint regarding continuing cold calls, either after you have requested that they cease, or if you are unable to contact the company to ask, please make contact with:

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
Tel 01625 545745

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