Funding Is Available

The Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) or Affordable Warmths scheme was launched in 2013 and works in conjunction with the Green Deal to encourage consumers to improve energy efficiency in their homes and ultimately reduce the overall energy consumption of the UK.

Gas Boilers

Heating Grant Types

Grants are available for the following heating types plus solid fuel heating:

Within the ECO scheme the Government and the main six energy companies invest over £1 Billion a year to enable energy efficient measures to be installed across the country. ECO is made up of 3 obligations:

The eligibility criteria for heating grants changes regularly depending on the area you live, your personal circumstances and the number of measures already distributed in your location. The easiest way to see if you or your household qualifies is to complete the short application form and an assessor will advise you of the current grants available to you. They will also keep your details on file and advise of any future measures you will qualify for.

Heating Improvement Grants

Upgrade and improve your home with a new heating system, improving efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and saving you hundreds of pounds off your energy bills. Funding to improve your home’s heating is part of the Affordable Warmth scheme. More details available here.

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