HHCRO Grant Funding

The HHCRO scheme (“Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation”, also known as the “the Affordable Warmth Obligation”) offers support to eligible applicants to enable them to reduce the cost of heating their property through the installation of energy efficient measures.

The grant scheme is focused initially on vulnerable and low income households in a bid to reduce UK instances of fuel poverty. Fuel poverty is defined as a houshold that is not able to adequately heat their property at an affordable cost. As a guide fuel poverty is said to occur when more than 10% of a household’s income is spent on heating the home to an adequate level. Recent increases in fuel prices has led to a sharp increase of the number of UK home owners in this predicament.

If you are a home owner or live in private rented accommodation, and are in receipt of any of the following benefits you will qualify for HHCRO funding:

If you receive Income Support, income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance or income-related Employment Support Allowance one of the following must also apply:

If you are in receipt of Working Tax Credit one of the following must also apply:

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