Storage Heater Grants

Electric storage heater grants are available for eligible households in the UK as part of the ECO (Energy Companies Obligation) Scheme. Your home could benefit from the free installation or replacement of faulty or inefficient storage heaters.

The “Affordable Warmth Scheme” was introduced by the government in January 2013 in a bid to provide homeowners with more efficient, environmentally friendly boilers and heating equipment. Eligibility for the scheme is based on a range of criteria.

The value of the grant is up to 100% and dependant on the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) of the property and the circumstances of the household.

Electric storage heaters are usually installed in the following circumstances:

How do they work?

Electric storage heaters are built with heat-retaining clay bricks that build up and store the heat during the night then release the heat as required during the daytime, hence the term “night storage heaters”. As demand for power is significantly reduced at night-time many energy provides offer significant discounts on the use of electricity during this time. One such example is “Economy 7” which reduces the cost of power between midnight and 7am.

s the heaters only require mains electricity to power them, they are more flexible and can be installed in many more situations than traditional radiators as there is no pipe work involved. They are also relatively maintenance free as they have no moving parts or liquids and they tend to have a longer life-span than traditional heating methods.

Modern storage heaters are very different to the old systems people may remember. Slimmer designs and advanced technologies now afford improved aesthetics and efficiency.

Fan Assisted Storage Heaters can be installed as part of the ECO scheme. these heaters use energy overnight to store the energy but instead of releasing it by convection, a silent fan extracts cool air from the room and converts it to hot air through a vent and are usually controlled by thermostat.

Combination Convector Electric Storage Heaters can be also be installed as part of the ECO scheme. These heaters operate on the same principle with an additional convector heater which offers an alternative heat source or a boost to the existing available energy.

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