You will save money by reducing your carbon footprint

Many people still believe that energy saving actions do not make a difference, but the statistics are showing that the UK has decreased net CO2 emissions considerably over the last 8 years.

There are now so many ways to save money, energy, and the planet without having to invest too much. A large proportion of the population in the UK want to reduce their carbon footprint and at the same time save money but they think costs will be prohibitive.

The savings a household can make are stunning if they are properly insulated and have a boiler which runs efficiently.

On average the savings can amount to over £900 per year so ask yourselves can you afford not to look into this?

Some ideas for you to ponder.

In order to maximise heat retention many properties can benefit from cavity wall insulation which is subsidised by energy suppliers but can also be installed relatively cheaply. The wall insulation stops heat leaving or entering the cavity wall space therefore helping to reduce the need to switch heating systems on more frequently in winter or air conditioning unit’s on during the summer. 

Some of the benefits of acting

Increased property value.

Much reduced heating bills.

Reduced noise levels.

Reduced carbon footprint.

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