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Wind Turbine

You could qualify for ECO grants towards energy saving items on your home or business such as Insulation, Boiler replacement and Solar Heating. Domestic and commercial grants available for England, Scotland and Wales.

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What type of energy saving grant you are interested in?

Heating / Boilers

Heating & Boiler grants The Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) or Affordable Warmths scheme was launched in 2013 and works in conjunction with the Green Deal to encourage consumers to improve energy efficiency in their homes and ultimately reduce the overall energy consumption of the UK. Heating Grant Types Grants are available for the following fuel […]

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Home Insulation

Home Insulation Grants There are many types of insulation grants available for most of the UK that fall under various schemes like the national “Affordable Warmth scheme” , the “Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) scheme” along with various local incentive schemes.  The qualification process changes regularly and if you have been unsuccessful before we recommend that […]

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Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) The Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) is the direct replacement for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme that closed to new applications at midnight on 31st March 2022. Its aim is to continue supporting the installation of lower carbon heating options in England and Wales. Successful BUS applicants will receive an upfront grant designed […]

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You might be entitled to...

Free Insulation

For pensioners and benefit recipients.

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Council or Housing Association tenants

Are you tired of waiting for repairs to be carried out? Help is at hand.

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Boilers Installed

A Rated boilers installed from as little as £17 per month.

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A Rated Boiler Loft Insulation

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Frequently asked questions

Who pays for heating grants?

Where does the money for the grants come from?

All energy suppliers have schemes providing grants for home insulation – available to all home owners or private tenants, irrespective of status.

Grant provision can depend on the type of property you own and the fuel you use for heating but to confuse matters, the picture is constantly changing.

If it seems complicated, it is – but leave it to our surveyors to find the best solution for you. Our teams of installers and surveyors, located throughout the whole of the UK, have access to the many schemes currently running, one of which should be in operation in your area.

To make life as simple as possible for you, our surveyors will complete all paperwork and claim the grant on your behalf. You only pay your own contribution, if any is payable.

Please be assured, these are genuine grants and not simply a so called “half-price” marketing ploy and you do NOT need to pay a grant back at some later stage.

To book your free, no obligation survey: Please click “apply now”.

Are the systems metered?

Generally no although for biomass heating systems and air / ground source heat pumps there are two situations that will require the systems to be metered:
1/ If a renewable heat system is installed alongside an existing non-renewable system.
2/ For systems installed in second homes.
A “Metering & Monitoring” package is available at a cost of between £200 & £230 per annum. This enables users to monitor the performance of the system.

What are the Domestic RHI tariff rates?

The following system technologies are included in the DRHI scheme:

  • Air source heat pumps 7.3p/kWh
  • Biomass boilers and biomass pellet stoves with back burner 12.2p/kWh
  • Ground source heat pumps 18.8p/kWh
  • Solar thermal technologies 19.2p/kWh

The rates are designed to take into consideration the following factors:

  • Installation costs
  • Technology efficiencies
  • System lifetime
  • 7.5% compensation for finance of the capital cost of buying and installing the system.

Will the tariffs change?

Yes. A tariff degression scheme will operate to manage the RHI budget, similar to the one employed by the Feed in Tariffs. The number of installations is checked quarterly and when certain trigger points are reached, the tariffs will be lowered in phases. Lowered tariffs will only be applicable to systems installed after that date. In short, the earlier you install a system the more you’re likely to benefit.

How are the tariffs applied?

The RHI tariffs are paid per kWh of renewable heat generated. The amount of heat generated from your installation estimated based on the expected annual heat used by the property (deemed).
Generally the deemed rate of heat per annum is multiplied by the RHI tariff rate to calculate the annual payment. This is taken over a twenty year period to cover the life expectancy of the system and paid over a seven year period.

How long are the tariffs paid for?

The Domestic RHI tariffs are paid over 7 years, although they are calculated to cover a 20 year life expectancy of the system. Payments are made quarterly in arrears by Ofgem. The payments will rise every year according to the retail price index (RPI) which come into effect on April 1st each year.

Can I get help with the initial cost of installing a renewable heating system?

You could be eligible to obtain a portion of the funding through the Green Deal which allows you to offset the cost against future savings on your energy bills,

What happens if I sell my property?

Ofgem need to be informed so that RHI payments can be transferred to the new owner.

What happens if anything goes wrong?

Your first point of contact should be with the MCS accredited installer of the system/s. If the problem is not resolve you should visit the Renewable Energy Consumer Code ( site and make a complaint.

How long will the scheme last?

DECC expects the domestic RHI scheme run until March 2021 but as with many policies this may be subject to change.

Do I need a survey?

Yes. ECO grant measures require a survey. There is no charge for the survey and they usually only take about 30 minutes.

I live in a flat, am I still eligible?

Depending on the circumstances you should be eligible.