Time to get smart and save money on your energy bills

Heating bills have risen this year, with the average cost of a Standard Variable Tariff (SVT) up from £1,150 to £1,247. More than a quarter of working families (27%) said they are still languishing on these expensive SVTs.

Get smart and save it’s easy to change.

Those who are struggling with their energy bills should first ensure they’re not paying too much for the energy they use and see how much they could save by switching supplier.

Is your home as energy efficient as it could be?

Are you aware there are offers of free cavity wall and loft insulation, as well as grants towards new energy efficient boilers, which can help make homes more energy efficient and therefore cheaper to keep warm?

Some suppliers are even offering free insulation, dependent on the type of property. So, just take a few moments to check on this site to see if you could be eligible for any free upgrades and in turn SAVE MONEY.

How does insulating a loft help?

Loft insulation works by creating a barrier to the hot air which is rising from the lower levels of your home. We all know that hot air rises and therefore will easily escape through your loft and roof if it is not properly insulated. The air pockets in the insulation trap the heat and stop it escaping into the atmosphere thus keeping the house much warmer. With the correct insulation installed you will find your home will be cooler in the summer, so it’s defiantly a win win situation.

It is recommended to fit at least 270mm thick insulation into the loft area but as we said before the professional will advise you as to the best choice for you.

Plus points

1      Smaller heating bills

2      House warmer in winter and cooler in the summer

3      Less carbon thus saving the environment.

4      Less problems with condensation

5      Reduced noise levels

6      Increase the value of your house.

Need some help?

It’s easy to find out if you qualify just select the upgrade you require and then click the “see if I qualify” or “apply now”. This action really could save you a great deal of money over the long term.