Help save the planet and money at the same time, what is not to like?

Many people still believe that their energy saving actions do not make a difference, but the statistics are showing that we decreased our UK net CO2 emissions considerably last year.

There are now so many ways to save money, energy, and the planet without having to invest too much time, money, or effort.

On average most 3 bedroomed houses spend £1500 on fuel bills each year which can be up to 48% more than necessary due to the lack of energy saving measures being implemented in the home.

Save with new technology, it is worth checking out!

You can take control up a level with smart technology. Smart heating controls are becoming increasingly available on the high street and online, and let you get a handle on home heating from your smart phone whether you are at work, on the bus… or even at home. If you have the money for a bit of gadgetry that saves on bills over the long term, it’s worth researching these options.

So many ways to save and not spend a fortune.

Insulate your loft – Grants available.

Block out any drafts – Very cheap fix.

Check your boiler is working efficiently – Service cost only.

Help required?

If you would like to make your home more energy efficient, check on this site to see what you may be entitled to. Some actions can be installed free if you are claiming certain benefits. Or if you would like to speak to an adviser just make contact and we will be happy to assist.