Green home grants, could they help you?

Britain’s poorest homeowners are least aware of the government’s Green Homes Grant even though they have the most to gain from the scheme which is due to launch this month.

Research has found that only 45% of the least well-off households are aware of the initiative compared with 65% of those in the wealthiest group.

That is despite the fact that low-income households could get grants of up to £10,000 for energy efficiency measures, while funding for those who are better-off will be limited to vouchers of up to £5,000.

Local authorities are calling on the government to promote the scheme.

They are urging the National Residential Landlords Association to encourage its members to use the programme to benefit tenants.

What could you get?

Here are just three examples of what you could have installed to help reduce your monthly outgoings.

        Loft insulation

        New boiler

        Cavity wall insulation

Just imagine if your home was correctly insulated and your boiler was running on 100% efficiency how much you could save a year. On an average 3 bedroomed semi-detached house this could amount to as much as £750 per year. Can you afford to ignore this?

Check out on this site to see if you are entitled to any assistance or grants, a little time spent now could save thousands in the long run.

Like to know more?

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