Green Deal Cashback

On the 23rd July 2015, DECC (the Department of Energy and Climate Change) announced it was ending funding for the Green Deal scheme. No more applications are being considered at this time. Government ECO Grants and RHI applications are still being accepted.

The Green Deal Cash-back Scheme enable UK households to reclaim a portion of investments made in energy saving measures taken like double glazing or draught proofing.

The Green Deal Cashback Scheme is available to all householders in England and Wales. Cash can be reclaimed on energy saving measures you make to your house like double glazing or draught proofing. This includes owner-occupiers, private rentals or people living in social housing. Landlords, both private and social, are also eligible where they pay installation costs.

There are five main steps to achieve the Green Deal Cashback:
1/ Have a Green Deal assessment
2/ Agree a Green Deal plan with a Green Deal provider
3/ Apply for a Green Deal voucher
4/ Have the work carried out
5/ Receive cashback payment

The measures covered by the Green Deal Cashback are:

Loft insulation£100
Cavity wall insulation£250
Solid wall insulation£650
Flat roof insulation£390
Room in roof insulation£220
Floor insulation£150
Hot water cylinder insulation£10
Draught proofing£50
Heating controls£70
Condensing oil boiler from non condensing oil heating or other£310
Upgrade boiler to condensing gas boiler from non condensing boiler or other£270
Flue gas heat recovery (condensing combi boiler)£90
New or replacement storage heaters£150
Replacement warm-air unit£320
Waste water heat recovery systems£60
Double/triple glazing£20/sq.m / £320
High performance replacement doors£40
Secondary glazing£15/sq.m / £230

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