Energy grants can they assist you?

Energy grants can they assist you?

The average household across the UK could be losing hundreds of pounds each year due to poor energy efficiency.  With the price of Gas and Electricity so high and the strong possibility of large rises on the horizon can you afford to ignore poor insulation in your home?

If you want to save energy in your home there are a range of energy grants and offers to help you achieve better efficiency.  These grants and offers will help you cover the initial outlay involved to install many different types of energy efficient features. 

These grants used to be funded by the government backed scheme called Carbon Emissions Reduction Target but this halted in 2012 and has been replaced by the GREEN DEAL.

The GREEN DEAL offers very cost effective loans for installing energy efficient measures, but also has an element of a grant included called the Energy Company Obligation.

How is the GREEN DEAL different?

In the past insulation has been available free or very heavily discounted through various schemes. The most recent free scheme stopped in 2012, having said that some energy companies still have offers currently available.

The GREEN DEAL differs significantly from the old energy schemes as you may be involved taking out a reduced cost loan to help pay for the energy efficient measures you decide to install. The loan is paid back via your electricity bill and is attached to your supply and not you as an individual. One benefit this offers is that if you move house the loan is passed onto the new owners.

Like to know more?

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