Commercial Biomass heating

A Biomass boiler can be installed, regularly fueled and maintained for a fixed period at no cost. You only pay a fixed tariff for the heat you use which is guaranteed to be significantly lower than alternative commercial tariffs.

Biomass Heating

Free Biomass boiler systems are available for the following concerns:

By partnering with an energy solution partner you could significantly reduce your energy bills and guarantee the cost of your energy for the next 20 years.

Benefits of the scheme:

The free commercial biomass boilers in the scheme range in size from 50kW to 1mW on a 20 year serviced and maintained basis, they are clean and easy to use.

The operator collects the RHI which enables them to recuperate their investment and on-going maintenance cost.

During the contract period, you only pay a low, fixed price for the energy that you use from the system, creating significant savings of up to 60%.

These savings are increased when you consider that you will have no maintenance or repair costs during this time.

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