Boost your property value

With the property market booming at the moment, many homeowners are looking for ways to boost the value of their home to guarantee a sale.

Although the obvious way to enhance the price is to make refurbishments, an estate agent has revealed many homeowners could be overlooking one very obvious improvement – a new, or well serviced boiler.

Installing a boiler which will not need replacing for another 10 or more years, and which also makes a home more energy efficient, could prove extremely valuable to many buyers. The average life expectancy of a boiler is between 10 and 15 years, and regular servicing and repairs can help extend the life of your boiler even further.

New boilers can cost thousands of pounds, so many people would rather repair their boiler than replace it altogether. Check to see if you are entitled to any benefits before paying out any money as you may be able to get financial assistance.

Some old boilers cost more to fix than to replace, but often homeowners do everything possible to avoid the cost of replacing an old boiler. Certain boiler repairs, such as replacing the gas valve or heat exchanger can cost close up to £500, so in these cases, it could make sense to replace your boiler altogether.

Changing, then consider an upgrade.

For those planning to sell their home, a boiler upgrade is worth considering, as this can influence the valuation of your home, and its desirability to buyers. A Property Investment Calculator claims that installing a new boiler can increase the value of your home by £8,000!