Are you doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint at home?

We at home can do a great deal to assist and in doing so save ourselves large amounts of hard-earned money each year. So it really makes a great deal of sense to sit back and review just what we could do to help and save at the same time.

A lot of these measures can be done free of charge if you qualify for certain benefits so check out just what you are entitled to. The majority of energy companies up and down the country have many free or heavily subsidised energy saving deals available to you.

Common way’s to save and reduce carbon footprint.

Properly insulate your home.

  1. Make sure all windows close and are draft free.
  2. Seal any draft from doors.
  3. Have your insulation check by a professional.

Maintain heating or cooling system.

  1. Have systems clean and serviced on a regular basis.
  2. Keep thermostat at comfortable level.
  3. Heat the house gradually.
  4. Consider renewing boiler if old or inefficient (Can be done free)
  5. Good maintenance will reduce bills significantly.

Water heating

  1. If going away for a day or two always set on vacation mode.
  2. Check the element is working correctly to heat the water.
  3. Check the element is not furred up with calc.

By implementing some of the above measures you could reduce your carbon footprint and save a great deal of money each year.

Like some help?

It is so easy to find out if you qualify for any subsidies or even free installation, just select your requirement, and click the “see if I qualify” or “apply now” buttons. Time invested now could save you and your family a fortune in the coming years.