If you need any more persuasion to take energy seriously when selecting your home, there’s a possibility in the near future that mortgage providers could be open to lending people more to buy energy efficient properties.

Lenders research, alongside a number of partners including Nationwide and the Halifax, conclusively proved the link between better energy performance and higher disposable income – income that raises the opportunity for a larger loan.



The findings are being taken seriously by the mortgage industry, so it’s definitely something to watch out for in the near future.


There are so many good reasons to make your new or existing property as energy efficient as possible. It really doesn’t have to cost huge amounts of money as there are very cheap and effective ways of keeping your home warmer on those long winter days. If you just take a few measures you will instantly see a reduction in your heating bills and surely this has to be beneficial. Energy providers are already warning us that prices are going to increase significantly this winter. 


Are you aware some measures could be installed free if you receive certain benefits?

Loft insulation the most popular easy fix.

Loft insulation works by creating a barrier to the hot air which is rising from the lower levels of your home. We all know that hot air rises and therefore will easily escape through your loft and roof if it is not properly insulated. The air pockets in the insulation trap the heat and stop it escaping into the atmosphere thus keeping the house much warmer. With the correct insulation installed you will find your home will be cooler in the summer and much warmer in the winter.

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We all know winter is fast approaching and our energy bills will once again be increasing at alarming rates. This situation is not helped with the Brexit talks stalling and energy companies being uncertain of the consequences of any deal secured. So, the smart homeowner will without doubt be looking at ways of saving money and cavity wall insulation is most certainly one.

Cavity wall installers around the country are reporting record high enquiries and in the North a record number of installations.

This form of insulation is a filling blown into the gap between your interior and exterior walls. It helps save heat loss through your walls and therefore saves you money on your energy bills.

Without cavity insulation every home around the country could well be wasting more than £400 every year. Cavity insulation will keep your home warmer in the winter and much cooler in the summer, so it really is a win win situation. You will also be reducing your carbon footprint considerably which is all helping towards a cleaner environment.

Installing this type of insulation is very quick and simple and will normally only take a day to complete.

Are you aware in certain circumstances this could all be done for no charge?

Many people around the country are missing out on energy saving benefits companies are offering. It is well worth your time to check and see what is available to you and your family, can you afford to waste money?

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It is easy to find out if you qualify for a grant or even free installation select your requirement and just click the “see if I qualify” or “apply now”. This action could save you a great deal of money over the long term. 

Getting colder

In Britain, people typically switch their central heating on in October and use it daily until March or April. This coincides with the clocks going back, the drop in temperature and Winter Fuel Payments – to anyone who receives the state pension.

Heating homes accounts for over 70% of household energy consumption. So reducing this figure – while keeping homes warm enough – not only cuts energy bills, but helps meet the carbon reduction commitments that the UK government is legally required to deliver.

The most recent figures show that 2.38m households in the UK are in fuel poverty – which basically means that almost 11% of British homes cannot afford to keep warm. But while the scale of this problem is significant, not all the solutions need to be complex and costly. So here are a few tips for keeping your home warm for little or no extra cost.

Maximise your insulation

When it comes to heat, around 25% is lost through the roof. This can be easily reduced by installing 25cm of insulation throughout your loft. It’s also worth seeing what’s going on in your walls, as around a third of the heat in an uninsulated home is lost this way. Although it’s not as cheap to install as loft insulation, cavity wall insulation could save up to £160 a year in heating bills. It’s also worth checking with your energy supplier to see if they have any insulation schemes running – which can sometimes mean cheap or free installation.

Install thermostatic radiator valves

Research has shown that installing heating controls and thermostatic radiator valves results in energy savings of 40% compared to a house with no controls. These work by allowing you to programme your heating to come on at predefined times – so you only use energy when you need it. New smart thermostats can also be controlled remotely via your mobile, so you can turn on your heating on the way home, ensuring it’s nice and toasty when you arrive.

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There are many grants amounting to millions of pounds that go unclaimed every year due to homeowners not knowing how to claim.

Many of the unclaimed benefits are for the elderly, disabled or those on lower incomes receiving certain benefits.

Energy saving is one of the main grants giving areas due to the environment and the importance the government places on it. It makes sense for the Government to offer incentives to save on fuel usage rather than spend huge amounts building new power plants.

The majority of energy suppliers in your area offer grants to help you implement energy saving measures. The main areas are:

1              Loft insulation

2              Draught proofing

3              Central heating boiler upgrades

4              Wall insulation

5              Window replacement

A recent survey taken showed 40% of all households had no idea such grants existed. When asked will they now research this in the future and find out what may be available to them the majority said they would.

The savings a household can make are stunning if they are properly insulated and have a boiler which runs efficiently. On average the savings can amount to over £750 per year so ask yourselves, can you afford not to look into this?

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It is easy to find out if you qualify for a grant or even free installation select your requirement and just click the “see if I qualify” or “apply now”. This action could save you a great deal of money over the long term. 

The leaves are turning brown and falling to the ground, the mercury's starting to dip and there's a definite chill appearing in the air – the first signs of winter are making themselves known to us. This means the worry of turning on the heating, and the spiraling energy costs that could follow. Does this sound familiar?

Winter energy worries are likely to be even more acute for those already in debt with their energy provider, something that 14% of recent survey respondents admit to. Many are prepared to go to great lengths in order to strike a balance between keeping warm and keeping bills down.

Keep your home warmer

Insulating the home is one tangible way to combat these financial fears and in certain circumstances, it can be installed free or be heavily subsidised. Make sure you are not caught out this winter just check on this site to see if you are entitled to any assistance. What’s to lose?

Another very cost-effective plan is to have your current central heating boiler checked for smooth operation and efficiency. This will ensure minimal wastage of fuel when the boiler is in use and can save large sums of money every year.

Pressure on the household budget is bound to be great this year as energy suppliers warn of further increases to come. The pound remains on a low ebb and the promise of higher mortgage interest rates means households need to save every pound they can, making the home more energy efficient will help a great deal.

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